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Muscle Shoals

If you fancy yourself a musician, or a fan of music in more than just a general sense, then you need to watch this documentary. I knew a lot of Muscle Shoals contribution to music already, but learned so much more from this gem of a documentary.

In borrowing terminology from the world of physics- in the time and space that we occupy, Muscle Shoals and the music that was created there shouldn't have been able to happen. But, somehow it did. Perfect time, perfect place, and history is made. Seriously, some truly great music was made in Muscle Shoals and some truly timeless musicians had a hand in it.

The reality of Muscle Shoals is that much of the pop, rock, blues, R&B, funk, and soul music that we listen to today has the fingerprints of Muscle Shoals somewhere on it. To believe otherwise is simply naive. There's a massive contribution to the history of modern music by that little city of Muscle Shoals. I can't recommend this music docu enough to you. 

Here's a preview.