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Even for the most ardent Yankees-hater, it's hard to deny Derek Jeter the respect he's due. He's nailed down a hall of fame career, and he's done it all with one team. It's hard in this age to find players who spend an entire career with one franchise, and Jeter is one of the few. And, he's done it with class. Regardless of his off-the-field social exploits (aka the women he's dated), which has been much documented in the social rags, any time his commitment to the team and his play on the field has been questioned... he's always responded on the field with his exemplary play. My cousin, who used to work for a rival franchise, has always spoken well of Jeter. His opinion being that there were very few in Major League Baseball who were as professional in their approach to the game as Jeter. He would know, too... he was down on the field when the Yankees were in town.

And, let's face it... no one does the jump throw from short like Jeter in his prime. No one.

My buddy and I are heading off to NYC next week to take in a game at Yankee Stadium. It'll be nice to say we were there for the farewell tour, even if it was home field. 

For now, the Jordan brand has rolled out this amazing commercial set to debut Tuesday night during Jeter's final All-Star game. And, it's awesome. I could've done without Tiger Woods, but I understand the point: one great athlete saluting another great athlete. And, whether you're into baseball or not, as evidenced by the many non-sports personalities in this commercial, we can all appreciate dedication to one's craft. And, there is no reason not to tip our caps good work. Tip of the cap to you, Cap.