As I try to get myself back into writing, my best effort so far is to start sharing things that I'm reading and thinking about. Things that I feel are helpful for better cobbling together a better understanding of worldview, and helping to refine our own worldview. Some of the links will be challenging, but I don't believe in life inside an echo chamber, or a bubble. One of the best ways to grow as a person, or a thinker, is to read. And, it's especially helpful to read the works of people with whom you disagree. It stretches you in that you're exposed to the thoughts and ideas of others and thus better understand why people believe what they believe, even if you disagree. 

So I want to share some links to stories, articles, and pieces of writing that I find interesting. Enjoy. 

MIT Press: 10 Topics Every 21st Century Citizen Should Know About

These aren't just random topics that particular groups are talking about, but topics that are becoming more a conversation for everyone. MIT Press, via the Essential Knowledge series, has created their annual list of 10 topics everyone should bone up on. Mind you, these are just topics with a summary. The actual research part is up to you, so go get to Googling. 

Ukraine's power station hack is a stark warning to other countries

As our power grids modernize and the management of said grids becomes more network-based, that means they're more susceptible to being hacked by nefarious groups and foreign actors. Apparently someone hacked a power grid for a city in Ukraine. The hack was minimal, with respect to the number of customers impacted, but it's still a concerning event. 

The Candy Diet

If you've never heard of Seth Godin, you should. If you've never read any of his work, you should. His books and blog posts are always insightful, and this one is right on par. We live in an age of clickbait – and it's hurting us. 

Winter is coming: prospects for the American press under Trump

The fight between president-elect Trump and journalist is playing out right in front of us. As he transitions into our nation's highest office, it will be interesting to see how their relationship either hardens, or softens. Regardless, here are some insightful observations from a project by Jay Rosen, a professor of journalism at New York University. There are some good points to consider here. If you're a big fan of president-elect Trump, I hope you'll read this and seriously consider their merits. 

Does Locks of Love Charge?

Last but not least, I wanted to link to a Snopes study about a long recycled Facebook story. A story that alleges Locks of Love, the charity that helps individuals who've lost their hair due to illness or treatment, charge all patients for their wigs. It's another story in internet outrage, one where few of actually taken the time to investigate the claims of the story. It's another example of how quickly the internet moves us to outrage, even when we don't have all the facts in hands. Does Locks of Love charge for their wigs? Yes and no. Read on.