It shouldn't surprise any of us–not one person–that Internet users today would jump on Sports Illustrated editors for failing to catch a simple typo on their cover. And, let’s not be dramatic here; it is a simple typo. 

Sports Illustrated this week features a story about Michigan State football. On the cover, the magazine referred to Michigan State head football coach Mark Dantonio as "Mike" Dantonio. And now the Internet (and social media) is loosing the dogs of public shame upon the publication. 

The Internet: a place where 90% of users can barely form a coherent thought, much less utilize spelling, grammar, and syntax above a 3rd-grade level. A place where people produce comments in ALL CAPS WITH NO PUNCTUATION THAT IS RIDDLED WITH SPLLING ERORS ECT. 

That Internet. The one prone to typical knee-jerk reactions. 

Allow me to let everyone in on a little not-so-secret secret about layout design: not everyone working on the layout for a major publication is a die-hard sports fan, therefore, missing this one is probably pretty easy. There’s a really good chance that copy writers, editors, and the people setting layouts at say... a fashion magazine aren’t all into …gasp… fashion! Imagine that, if you will–doing a job with subject matter that may not interest you, but doing the job anyways because it’s what you know how to do and it pays you well. Crazy, right?

But… this is the Internet. So let’s drag out that old shame flag, feign our outrage over a type, and run that stuff right up the pole. 

It’s Friday. This is what we’re doing. And here I am, writing it about it.