I have a hard time landing the plan, creatively-speaking. I have a lot of side projects and passion projects that I just have a hard time bringing to completion. I other work that I really enjoy doing, but it takes up a lot of my time and energy. Which, as you probably know, taps you out when it comes to all the other stuff. Which really sucks, because, man, do I get giddy about awesome side projects that I polish off. Especially those ones that turn out exceedingly better than you'd imaged they would. 

Like that one image that I polished off that made me step back and say, "Whoa... that would actually work in Architectural Digest." 

The thing about those moments is I get giddy and I laugh. It's this weird excitement that translates into laughter. I see something awesome, something good, and I just laugh about it. I don't know how that works, but that's how it comes out. It's this weird confluence of boyish amazement and giddy joy that work together to produce a laugh in me. If I start to laugh at something, that's how I know it's good. 

I put the finishing touches on a new logo for a friend who's hired me to help her put together a new venture. I went through a few comps, narrowed it down to one, did some revisions and then it hit... and I laughed. I knew that was it. The plane landed for me. Those are good moments. Sadly, they're less frequent than I'd like them to be. That doesn't mean we stop, though. No... that's called giving up, and giving up isn't an option. Sure, these moments are few and far between but the fact that there is an "in between" means those moments of triumph still exist and are still worth striving for. There is a runway and the gear is down. 

And this is where I fall apart, because I can't seem to land the plane. But when the wheels touch down... laughter. Just sweet, giddy laughter. Those are the moments you fight for. Those are the moments you soak in.