I think about that question quite a bit. I think about it because we complain an awful lot here in the United States about just how bad we actually have it. 

I mean, after all, here I am writing this blog post on a website where I've been openly critical a great many things, and, yet, I've yet to be hacked to death out in the streets. For more on that one, read here

Additionally, I've yet to have my head chopped off for being a Christian. For a little extra on that one, you can read this one in case you missed it. 

I've also criticized our government and it's leaders from time to time, but I've yet to be hurt as a result. Read this one, too. 

I mean, it seems like every day I read one more story, one more tweet, or one more post about how bad we have it here in the United States. Are we perfect? No, by no means, however, are any of those things in the above linked articles making headlines here in the States? Nope. They're not. All this to say that before we all sit down for our daily dose of gripe about life in the good ole' U.S. of A., we should probably consider how bad life really could be, and reflect on how good we actually have it. Doesn't mean we should get lazy. Doesn't mean we should get complacent. Doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to reform and refine. After all, it is our responsibility as citizens of a republic to keep everyone honest (neighbors and government alike)– to defend the freedoms we enjoy and take advantage of on a routine basis. 

Just a thought.