A lot of time it seems like most of the design I do is for my clients. Graphic design isn't my full-time occupation, and I have a wife whom I love dearly and two children I love very much as well, so with all that in the air to juggle, doing personal projects purely for my own enjoyment can be... difficult. I might start something, but I probably won't finish it; there just isn't the time. It's part of the reason I don't write all that often. That and I start, hate what I actually get down, then erase and walk away. That's why if this post actually makes it online it'll be a miracle. 

But, sometimes I do get something done. And, I'm cool enough with it to share it. So, here is a personal project I finished this week. I'm not afraid to admit that as a grown man I'm a fan of comic books and superhero films. I love the creativity, art and the medium for storytelling. I'm also a big fan of a designer named James Viola and recently he's been sharing some superhero posters he's been working on. Really great, creative work. So, while I was making my swing over to night shift mode, I decided to put the hand to plow and do a little work on my own superhero poster. 

And, so here we are, a little fan piece in anticipation of the release of the new film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

The point of the story being that it's important to do personal, fun work. Doesn't matter the craft, force yourself to do it. Otherwise, you run the risk of hating what you actually do for clients. Thankfully I have some great clients who are great fun to work with, so I'm not running that risk right now. However, still need to keep up the fun stuff.