I don't intend to keep writing about The Islamic State (aka ISIL/ISIS), but I just happened to finally watch this documentary the other day, and my wife was doing some reading on this organization last night and asking me some questions about them. That being said, I thought it worth posting an embed of the Vice News' truly frightening inside look into the Islamic State. 

It's a sobering look into what can only be explained as a brainwashing cult of false religion perpetuating fear and inflicting death upon any who disagree or do not join them. It's a rampage of inhumanity at its worst. At one point in the documentary a rally is held by the Islamic State in Ar-Raqaa, Syria. The image in the video embed above is from that rally. But, that rally itself at one point struck me in that I sat back in my chair and said, "This looks and sounds like a lot of the white supremacist rallies you see on television documentaries about the KKK and like-minded groups." The rhetoric, the obscured identities, the chanting, the guns, the singing... it's all there. It's all very sickening and ridiculous. At one point in the documentary a young boy, probably 12 or 13 years of age, goes on a full-on rant about how the Islamic State is going to reign forever, split the United States in two, and the Caliph has been declared, and blah, blah, blah, blah, brainwashing. He's even at one point coached by an off-camera subject on one bit he's forgotten to mention. It's truly sickening stuff. 

They believe what they are doing is right. They believe that their acts of violence are declared in their religious texts, and because for years they have endured great loss and hardship because Westerners and their allies have waged war in their countries. They wrongly believe that American planes dropped bombs on the homes of innocent people as a declaration of war against Islam. At the most simple and irrational level they believe their loved ones were killed because America apparently had nothing better to do with it's time. This is nonsense. No one is waging war against the religion of Islam; war is being waged against a group of evil men committed to perpetrating murderous acts of violence against anyone who stands between them and their goal of dominance and the institution of their sharia law. 

I recently read an op-ed citing that it was incorrect that compare the Islamic State to the Nazis, and that such a comparison is nothing more than what amounts to war-mongering. I don't agree with such a sentiment. I don't think anyone is war-mongering when they make a comparison between two groups who execute individuals without any regard for humanity and simply dump them in a hole. I think the big difference between the Islamic State and the Nazis is that as far as we know the Islamic State is not conducting any weird scientific experiments on anyone such as the Nazis did. It's naive to believe that comparing the two groups is nothing more than war-mongering and invoking quotes from King Lear to prove your point. The reason Hitler and the Nazis grew so powerful and their rampage so large was because the world sat idly by and essentially allowed it, for a time. History has not looked favorably upon former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement towards Hitler and Nazi Germany. Until such a time came when it was apparent that Hitler had aspirations far beyond Poland and Czechoslovakia and Chamberlain's claims of "peace for our time" were a pipe dream, then Europe finally began to act. The truth is that some historians have for years now written that the Munich Agreement, which was supposed to appease Hitler and keep him from advancing into Czechoslovakia, wasn't even necessary because Czechoslovakia could have mounted a defense. It's also believed that Hitler himself knew if he were to march forward without signing the Munich Agreement that the Nazis would have faced serious opposition and shed much blood. 

So what's the point of the WWII history lesson? Nazi Germany started out small and grew into a monster, and the same could very well be true of the Islamic State. The weapon of choice for the Nazis was genocide while for the Islamic State it seems to be more of the religious/ethic cleansing persuasion, but the fact remains: both entities show a blatant disregard for human life on a large scale and are capable of mass murder. The international community will eventually have to respond. It's plain to see in the documentary from Vice News that this is not a group that's simply going to peter out, simply give up, or be appeased. No one wants a war, but no one wants to be enslaved or murdered, either. 

My wife was reading some news stories about the potential for the Islamic State to infiltrate Europe and the United States and asked me, "Should I be worried?" I wasn't exactly sure how to respond to such a question. I'm not one to insight irrational fear, but I'm also not one to simply roll my eyes at evil people. Could they try and hurt us in our homeland? Try? Sure they could, doesn't mean it will be successful. Although for them success is often times draped in a lie and sprinkled with much exaggeration. Ultimately, I'm not worried that the Islamic State is going to roll up on our beaches and invade our nation and enslave us all. As I told my wife: The people of the United States simply wouldn't stand for it, and we have a big military and carries a really big stick. What I fear is for the countless lives being lost in the Middle East at the hands of these folks. It's truly saddening and gut-wrenching to see play out on our screens and newspapers. 

Watch the documentary. If you're not appalled by what you see, then you're not paying attention.