As a life-long fan of Star Wars, I'm willing enough to come out of hiding to post about this new teaser. And, I'll say this: I'm pretty stoked. I mean, I was stoked before, but now I'm like... totally stoked. 

The first look into J.J. Abrams' take on the Star Wars universe seems to be going over really well thus far. I'm in that camp; I really liked the teaser. And, it's important to understand that it's just that: a teaser. This isn't a preview, it's a teaser. What's the difference, you ask? Well, a teaser is meant to just give you a look at the film without revealing any real deep plot details, or even the full cast of characters. Which this teaser pulls off. You only see a couple faces, and at this point only 1-2 of them are actually featured characters. The Sith you see meandering through the woods, you don't see his face. You  just know he's there, but what's he doing there with that insane lightsaber? Who knows, and that's the point of a teaser. The first official preview we get will undoubtedly reveal plot details and more characters. So, I don't want to hear anyone crying about the lack of characters shown, or that we still know very little about it, because we'll get that in due time. 

I think Abrams knows the appetite for new Star Wars material is insatiable, and people are so hyped for this new series of films that throwing us all a bone was a nod to us all that he gets it. And, from the initial look of the teaser, I think he does. He's going back to the roots of the original trilogy which is outer space and the frontier. None of that thriving metropolis, senate, or towering Jedi Master chamber. Thankfully.

I nearly shed a tear at the end with that shot of the Millennium Falcon. Man, that was a beautiful piece of cinema. Good to see the Falcon back on film. Seems very fitting that this came out the day after Thanksgiving, when the Christmas season begins in most folks' minds. Merry Christmas, indeed. 

Now... we just have to wait A WHOLE YEAR to see the film.