Oh. My. Goodness. Congratulations to my home state of Ohio for this stunning bit of legal drama. I wasn't quite sure what to expect front his video when I clicked on it; it's a no series title OpDocs from the New York Times. But, honestly, I laughed through the entire thing. The whole conversation is so amazingly absurd, and the actor representing the plaintiffs in the case captures what I would expect would be a nuclear level of incredulity in a deposition with stunning precision. It really is a brilliant piece, creatively speaking, and the ultimate joke is that you literally cannot make this stuff up. This really happened. It was a real case that eventually made its way to the Supreme Court of Ohio, and the dialogue in the video is performed verbatim from a 6-page deposition transcript. Watch it through to the end, it pays off big-time. 

For more information about the court case itself, check it out here