Part of being a parent means watching Pixar movies from time to time. Or, in our case, every single day. Every. Single. Day. I memorize movies pretty quickly (my wife and mother will attest to this fact) and so then it becomes less about watching the movie and analyzing the finer points of the story. After analyzing the finer points of the story, then it becomes a process of simply marveling at how Pixar can do what they do visually. 

It's sort of a big advertisement for NVIDIA GPUs, but it's simply fascinating. And, come on... when is the last time you heard someone talk about tessellations and subdivision? 

Now that I've watched this video explaining it, to some degree, I am no less amazed and will be no less in wonder of it the next time we watch The Incredibles, Toy Story, or Cars for the zillionth time.