I'm a fan of The Peanuts. Always have been. In my book A Charlie Brown Christmas is a quintessential holiday movie, and The Peanuts gang is as much a part of Americana as apple pie and hot dogs. For decades this group of kids from the mind of the late Charles Schultz have graced the comic section of newspaper across the nation, and for good reason. It is, quite simply, a classic. 

That being said, the idea of a Peanuts movie featured a CG, 3-D rendering of this classic comic/cartoon is almost frightening. The way Hollywood studios are prone to ruining classic creations (Alvin and the Chipmunks anyone?) doesn't leave me all that optimistic. The Peanuts were also an extension of Schultz' personality... so how do you conjure that after his passing? Well, we have our first look at the animation and thankfully it gives us pause for a sigh of relief. While I'm not wild about the idea of a movie, the faithful rendering of these characters and the classic sounds of Snoopy (they recycled the original audio of Bill Melendez's work as Snoopy's voice) has made me somewhat optimistic that the producer's promise to remain faithful to the source material and tread carefully may be in good faith. 

We'll have to see as we learn more. I love The Peanuts.