So this is probably some of the most inspiring photography I've seen in quite some time. I'm a fan of landscape photography; it's the melding of the creative process and the created world. And when it's done well, it really speaks to the soul and makes you appreciate the artist and the muse. Alexandre Deschaumes seems to have an amazingly calibrated eye for landscapes, because his work is simply aims to take the breath right out of you. And, apparently some of his work has been captured for a documentary you can obtain for $10. Below is a trailer for the documentary and this gentlemen seems to be committed to the shot, as it were, raveling deep into the wilderness to obtain his images. Take a look at this collection as some of the shots are unbelievably amazing. The color and movement of the scenes he photographs is really grand. I can't speak for Ansel Adams, but if he were alive I'm sure he'd give this man props for his work. Enjoy.