Take a second and watch this ad from the folks at Apple.

This is a really nice ad from the folks at Apple. Namely because it demonstrates something you so regularly see; people capturing images with their phones. The smartphone, namely the iPhone, has become the most popular camera on the planet. And, rightfully so, it's the one camera that you typically, if not always, have with you. There's a now famous quote about cameras that says;

"The best camera is the one you have with you."

Which is the complete truth. So often in the world of photography there is much chatter and back and forth about brands, bodies, sensors, lenses, pixel counts and other elements of a camera that the entire notion, and point, of taking photographs gets lost. A camera is merely a means to an end- the end being the capturing of a moment in time that tells a story. Sure, we'd all love to have a Canon 1Dx, Nikon D3x, or a Hasselblad or Phase One camera system to capture uber-high quality photos, but at the end of the day chances are you wouldn't always have that camera on your person at the moment inspiration strikes. This is why that little camera on your phone becomes so ridiculously important. I don't always have access to my Canon, thankfully since the birth of our son I've always had an iPhone in my pocket. Just last night, my wife and I unloaded over 900 images from her iPhone and many of those images and videos were of our son. From birth to the present day she had images and videos of him. You can't put a value on that body of work, and that's just from her phone. I have just as many, or more, from my phone and a whole other cache I've captured from behind the lens my Canon. I recently saw the work of one professional photographer who had taken to simply venturing out with only his iPhone, capturing images with it, processing those images on it, and then selling those images… and that was funding his travels and work. His work was truly amazing, and to know he did it all from an iPhone was inspiring.

Since the invention of the camera, we are now capturing more images on a daily base than ever before. We probably took more pictures last year alone, than in all previous years combined. And, I would venture to guess that a vast majority of those images are from camera phones.

So, what are you waiting for?