The blog has been down forever now, thanks in large part to me. Okay, it was all because of me. Admittedly, I'm such a hack at building a website it's not even funny. It's fun to do, it requires one to get all creative and such and ultimately it's a challenge to harness something that you probably have no business messing with and making it work. Bending the internet to your needs, if you will. Really what went down is that the theme this site is built off, Standard, was released in a new version and it was time for me to make the switch over. The dudes over at 8-Bit, the theme developers, care deeply about making the best product possible and are big believers in the Wordpress platform. And rightfully so. If you're going to get serious about building a blog or a website, Wordpress is the best tool out there for doing that if you have no idea how to straight up build a website from total scratch. Blogger and those other platforms are nice and all, but they're never going to push forward and keep up with the latest web standards like Wordpress will. So, while Standard2, which my website was built on, was a great product it didn't necessarily harness the full power of Wordpress. At least that's my understanding. Standard3 came out and I just stuck around with ST2 for a long time afterwards. A new build of my theme scared me because it basically stripped away what I felt comfortable with and required me to dig into the details more. I had given the beta release a test run, and knew it was going to take some work on my part to make it all work.

After the first of the year I figured it was long overdue and then went about developing a new site behind the scenes through a developers application. When I felt it was time to make the actual swap, I went about turning all the nuts and bolts.

Didn't go so well.

The only part of my website that I ever bothered to back up was all the CSS3 customizations I had devoted so much of my time making to the site. That was easy; open TextEdit copy and paste the Custom CSS file into that document, save it. As I said earlier; developing an great website to publish just isn't in my wheelhouse of solid skill sets. Want me to do some graphic design for you? Can do. Want me to play the main riff to Stevie Ray Vaughan's Pride and Joy? Can do. Want me to take your picture and edit it out so you look awesome? I can do that too. Build a crushed out website? Let's talk a little first.

At the beginning of the redesign, I had some issues. Long story short- I got impatient and finally just hit the reset button on the whole shebang. Lost every single piece of content I had posted over the course of this website in the process. I think I sat at my kitchen table at home, lovely table as it is, and cried a little in the process. Did I back up my website? What are you talking about?

I took a couple days and pondered what I had done, and what needed to happen moving forward. Frank the Cat and I had some difficult discussions. I'd reflected on my work maintaining a website/blog and tried to find the silver-lining in dumping my entire site and starting out from scratch. The reset button is a curious thing, because it's not as though you're starting out from scratch. You're basically just starting back at the beginning with a chance to do things better this time around. And so, that will be my hope moving forward. I have learned how, or so I believe, to back-up my entire site. When the time comes around again to do another redesign to keep things fresh, I'll know how to make that happen and simply give it a facelift rather than... well rather than having to birth a baby of sorts. That's a weird analogy, sorry. At any rate, the content is saved in case yours truly screws up again. In all seriousness I failed at accomplishing lots of goals a set as a blogger in the last iteration of this site, so now it's a good chance to start back at step 1, reevaluate and press forward. I don't think I'm officially done with the rebuilding of this little house, but it's close enough to re-engage. I watched Top Gun over the weekend and I love that scene in the final dog fight when Maverick is all dis-engaged and everyone's yelling at him and he's all looking at Goose's dog tags rather than flying his plane, and then he re-engages the fight and everyone goes nuts. So, away we go.