Hello, my name is Shaun. That's me up there. The dude with the beard and glasses. 

My real, full name is Shaun David Meloy, hence the Shaun David part. After a lifetime (quite literally) of folks mispronouncing my last name (it's Mel-oye), when it comes to the internets I just go by first and middle. It's easier and, it's two first names. Like Ricky Bobby. 

I reside in Findlay, Ohio with my beautiful wife Jena, and our two children, Cohen (3 yrs) and Laurel (10 mos). We also are the owners of an 80-pound American Bulldog (not a pitbull) from Alaska (no joke), and a nearly worthless cat named Frank the Cat. He's mostly good at lying about and alerting us to any non-lethal insects in the house. I work for a corporation just up the street, so I get to walk to work every day (bonus). And, on the side, I do freelance graphic design, and interior photography. I also dabble in the music a bit, yes... yes... another musician doing graphic design and photography, I know. It is what it is.

Fun Trivia: I have worked as a special needs teacher, and a worship arts director at a church. Both jobs I really loved and thoroughly enjoyed, but divine intervention has a way of moving you in new directions. I do a lot of volunteer work for my local church; something I believe very deeply in and am passionate about.    

These are my thoughts. The words are my own. My writing (updated writing, that is) is sporadic at best. My problem is that typically I sit down and try to write then I get really fed up with what I'm writing and the overall length and I just hit delete, rather than publish. It's frustrating, but somedays I manage to power through and put something out. So, feel free to read/laugh/cry/disagree/break something. Make sure whatever you break is your own property because breaking other people's things is not cool. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's illegal depending on the overall value of whatever it is that you're breaking.  Feel free to link/share my content, just do not alter it in any way, be sure to credit me, and for goodness sake... don't charge people for it. It's really not worth anything. If you want to connect, drop me a message over on the contact page. 

Take care, God bless.